Trends of Digital Badges Market in 2022

Global Digital Badges Market Essential Components: A Comprehensive Market Overview

A bitcoin with the forbidden sign in front of a badge
A bitcoin with the forbidden sign in front of a badge

This report includes a wide range of data indicating diverse factors of the digital badges market, such as the functionality of businesses, the management of operations and supply chains, sales and marketing, and cost structures.

Those who participate in approved extra-curricular activities while in school can demonstrate a wide range of valuable skills and experiences that employers look for. When you receive a badge, you’ll be able to show the world what you’ve accomplished and how you’re gaining experience for your achievements.

Targeted growth derivatives are also in the market analysis. The market study draws essential insights related to the worldwide digital badges market growth by paying close attention to growth scales, resulting in a pretty comprehensive prediction. It also looks at market shares, stock prices, revenue growth, and market size. The forecast shows how the business could grow and expand over a certain amount of time.

Additionally, the growth prediction is on the studied market drivers and constraints affecting the worldwide digital badges market development. On the other hand, the report focuses on the most important reasons the growth rate expects to soar during the forecast. Clients who are investors and entrepreneurs who want to know more about the global digital badges market are more interested in finding out what drives and stops the market.

Following a thorough examination of the driving and restraining forces at play, the market for digital badges then identifies the possibilities and threats that might result. The digital badges market will likely grow at 22.5 percent over the next few years (2021 – 2026).

Key Highlights

  • Unlike conventional certifications such as certificates and degrees, digital badges include blockchain-verified information that details the qualification and the procedure to get it. They can’t be copied or changed, and we can comfortably share them on the internet.
  • We can earn such badges in many places, including online, where the number is growing. As of 2018, one in five institutions presently offers digital badges, according to a report from the University Professional and Continuing Education Association.
  • According to Mimeo Inc, self-paced virtual training increases faster than instructor-led in-person training. It is even though L&D departments throughout the globe still prefer instructor-led in-person training.
  • One of the main problems is insufficient IT infrastructure in Africa and Asia. It also means that people don’t know about digital badges.
  • The spread of a new coronavirus had also led to a rise in digital badges. Both employees and HR are trying to fill in the gaps in their skills. After all, they work from home. For example, between April 1 and April 15, 2020, IBM saw a 120 percent rise in the number of people who earned IBM credentials.

Market Trends to Watch

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Set of eagle illustration in line style with glitch effect. Design element for logo, label, emblem, sign, poster. Vector illustration
  • The Academic Segment is going to be a big part of the market.
  • With the advent of digital badges in education, a new and effective method of assessing pupils based on their preferred learning methods has been available. Students may get their total achievement using badges to stimulate learning rather than simply a single exam.
  • Teachers can show their appreciation for students’ hard work by giving them digital badges. These accomplishments can be learning, good behavior, efforts, skills, etc. We can also provide it to students who aren’t doing well to encourage them and make them want to learn more.
  • Using digital badges may help students achieve their goals and objectives at every level and subject area. Digital badges impact students’ motivation and goal-setting, according to a study done in 2018 by a team of experts. The outcome was good.
  • The effectiveness of digital badges as a teaching tool and the best ways to use them in higher education is now in use. For example, students might utilize badges within higher education to demonstrate their newly learned abilities and understanding of new topics.

Australia Gaining in on the Adoption

  • While the usage of digital badges in the tertiary sector is picking up steam, the Australian institutions are just now beginning to think about how you can use them in the future.
  • The digital badges challenge you to think outside the box and use new views to achieve excellent results. In addition to critically analyzing, you’ll re-examine common wisdom to understand subjects better and come up with new ideas.
  • In 2018, the platform segment dominated the worldwide digital badges market size. In the digital badges market, we expect that the platform’s growing share would rise by its increased integration with existing Learning Management Systems.
  • Individuals in Australia are showing a strong desire to obtain digital badges. Demand for specific abilities and the adoption of authentic digital badges by individuals drives the market soon. Growth in the digital badges market also comes from increasing digital badge technology companies.
  • Digital badges’ primary target audience is the academic community. Credentials are increasingly getting promotions for teachers and interested people to achieve professional learning in specific topics through various methods.
  • The increasing usage of social and digital learning in the online education business shows the rapid pace of change. The use of digital badges is helping to raise the bar for online learning. Many online educational institutions, particularly in the United States, Europe, and Australia, already offer digital badges for course completion.
  • Like IBM, SAS, Oracle, and SAP, many businesses have implemented professional development programs to encourage their staff to grow and learn regularly. To show their commitment to their employees’ professional growth, companies are spending a lot of money on educational programs for their staff. When it comes to this, the digital badge system is an excellent option for transparently recognizing employee skills, which aids in professional development.
  • Several of Australia’s major companies and schools have endorsed Ebadges. The latter offer badges, key rings and medals to showcase your brilliant critical abilities and position you for career success in any industry.
  • An increasing number of schools in Australia are adopting the digital badges system. Digital badges offer new educational opportunities that need further study. What effect do badges have on intrinsic motivation resulting from gratification in educational settings? Numerous gratification components are making their way into educational practice, including points, badges, and leader boards.

Asia-Pacific to be Fastest Growing Region

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  • The region is seeing a lot of growth because people in India, China, and South Korea are starting to use online learning more and more.
  • Because China is a massive nation with disparities between urban and rural areas, digital learning technology has improved educational fairness, quality, and efficiency. According to the Chinese Ministry of Education, over 460 institutions and colleges have offered over 3,200 online courses via these platforms, attracting over 55 million viewers. Also, approximately 200 Chinese MOOCs have joined foreign MOOC sites. ​
  • In India, most people who live in remote areas don’t have enough opportunities to learn new skills or improve. Digital badges can play a significant role. It can help people who can’t afford it, have physical limitations, or have problems getting to and from work.
  • There is a lot of uncertainty in the job market in India, which means that MOOCs can be a very cheap way to reskill and learn new things. In addition, affordable and better bandwidth makes it easier for people to take online courses and get digital badges.
  • Among people in South Korea, 44 percent used social media (website, cafe by Naver and Daum) and 43.6 percent used a portal for online education in 2019. 69.7% of people in South Korea used language, and 31.77% used the certification as their type of online course in 2019. ​
  • That individuals are curious to learn other languages via an online platform where they can earn digital badges is shown by the fact that the Korean language is increasingly widely used at all levels of education.

Competitive Environment

  • It is becoming more and more challenging to find the best digital badges on the market because more and more businesses like IBM and Cisco are offering certification programs for their employees. Colleges and schools are also becoming more interested in learning formal and informal ways.
  • September of 2019 – Besides being the top English language exam for healthcare workers, the Occupational English Test (OET) is the first English language test certified by a healthcare regulatory body to offer digital badges to those who pass the test.
  • February 2019 – Badges from the HAP Credentialing Program started being given out through both Acclaim and Hass. These two platforms work well together.

Trends That Are Making The Market For Digital Badges Grow Faster

The market for digital badges is growing because more people are taking online courses, and more businesses are investing in the professional training and development of employees by giving them online lessons and giving them money to learn new skills.

It’s also a big deal that more businesses accept digital badges and certificates because of the rise of online certification and the growing focus on lifelong learning. These factors will help the market grow even more in the coming years.

The market for digital badges is growing because more and more people in the IT field are getting their certifications online. If you want to get a good grade, you can get a badge that looks like a real badge and is accepted worldwide.

Companies can also use digital badges to cut unnecessary tests by using more evidence-based screening to speed up hiring. Employers can improve their hiring practices by predicting how well someone will fit in and how well they will do. A traditional diploma can’t do this.

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